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What would happen if you put together larry king live, saturday night live, jim cramers mad money, the howard stern show, late night with david letterman, live with kelly and regis, the jon stewart show and of course waynes world.. you would then get Glensroom.

The story of Glensroom begins with Glen realizing that he wanted to be in TV production, so he quit college to attend center for media arts (a television production school) where he learned every aspect of TV production and produced his first TV show called "Thats Incredibly Weird" - a "comedy game show". After that a writing credit on saturday nite live ,followed by numerous appearances on the howard stern show. At that point Glen knew he wanted to be in television, so he started a small video production company. With all these forces going with him, he started the tv show Glensroom.

Glensroom is a live comedy variety TV show and because the show was live, Glen was able to take live phone calls. Having live phone calls brings comedy,intimacy and involvement from the audience which is critical to the show. Glensroom is intended for late night mature adult audiences. The feedback was quick and positive with hundred's of positive phone callers and hunderds of fan letters. Considering Glensroom was being aired on just one cable company in New York city, and because of the shoestring budget Glen was not only the host but combined his skills to be the producer, writer, talent coordinator, set designer etc. Glensroom TV show is not a concept for a show but a proven winner, so sit back , relax and enjoy some episodes of Glensroom and realize the potential for success with your network and Glensroom Tv show.